Thank you for the courtesy that the BlueStone personnel have shown to me personally as well as my family during our tenancy – it is unusual in the property management business and much appreciated.
Scot D. - Tenant
The staff have at all times presented pleasant, helpful attitudes and displayed absolute professionalism.
John D. & Beverly K. - Tenants
BlueStone Properties is a company that cares about its community.
Brad Halls - Commercial Tenant
Our current building managers (Christine and Thomas) have really made this building a great place to live. They are always communicating with residents, and really have created a community for all that live here.
Bart-Tenant At 600 Proudfoot
600 Proudfoot Lane
I have been a tenant at 520 Talbot for nearly three years and I can say without hesitation that is one of the best managed properties in the City
Gerry McCartney - Tenant
520 Talbot Street
BlueStone has a great reputation within the London Community.
Irene's Master Cleaning - Vendor
Whenever a service issue has come up, the response time has been excellent and cheerful.
ThinkDox - Commercial Tenant
BlueStone Properties management is a great team. I found they were very easy to work with as well as being professional. All BlueStone folks, whether it's management, cleaning staff or the electrician. Everyone rocks!
Carole-Tenant At DCC
130 Dufferin Avenue